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DeepMay is a new kind of bootcamp. Organized by a collective of data scientists, programmers, designers, academics and product managers, the goal of the camp is to increase our collective capacity by sharing skills in a structured way. DeepMay combines the speed and intensity of the “tech bootcamp” model, with the world-building DIY ethos of autonomy.

The ten-day intensive is broken into three tracks: Data Science, Web Development, and Creative. In each track, students learn distinct skills and collaborate with the other track throughout the program. Students have a packed schedule from morning until late in the evening. Participants start each day with group exercise, break up into tracks for classes and lectures throughout the day, and will take turns cooking meals for each other and taking care of other collective chores.

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Data Science

The data science will cover different data structures, exploratory data analysis and visualization using Python, the basics of GIS (geographic information systems) and mapping, the fundamentals of APIs, basic supervised machine learning and web app deployment with Flask.

Students Will Learn

  • Git

  • Python

  • Data manipulation & gathering

  • Mapping

  • Data Visualization

  • Intro to Machine Learning

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Data Science track


In the creative track, students will learn to execute concepts based on visual research, typographic training, formal exercises, and layout. Special emphasis will be placed on design for digital media, and working with developers.

Students Will Learn

  • Visual research

  • Typography

  • Art Direction

  • Branding

  • UX / UI

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Creative track

Web Development

The front-end web development specialization will cover the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; students will learn to build and maintain basic web applications using a JavaScript framework. All Development track students will learn how to use the command line and Git to deploy, share, and collaborate on code-based projects.

Students Will Learn

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Git

  • Server Setup & Maintenance

  • Command Line Basics

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Web Development track